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Hello peeps,

With all these lights going up in and out of peoples houses, I thought Its time to get festive on here!! So as it is now the 1st of December we can all get our advent calendars out and feel like a little kid again, (I know you do!) What I want to know is what’s your favourite Chocolate? Creamy Milky bar White, gooey Cadburys Milk or Rich Velvety Black Magic Dark?

 My favourite would be White chocolate, that’s what wanted as my advent calendar this year! What are you having? This was last years advent calendar!

What are you doing during this festive season, I know some of you don’t celebrate Christmas, however most of you do, like me. Hehe!

What would be your best present you would like this year, mines a bit ‘stuck in the ground’ as I want a MacBook Pro! That’s not going to happen!

And this is mine this year!

Thanks for reading
–Archie x
Au reviour!