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Hello everybody;
Today its one month until Christmas and I thought I’d tell you my Christmas routine for last year, this is what I did from 00:01 to 11:59 on Christmas!

My routine for Christmas consisted of:
Waking up at 7:30 with my stocking at the opposite end of the bed, me waking my Brother up (he’s 17) then me and my brother opening our stockings and then doing whatever until 8a.m when we go into the Living room to open presents, that normally doesn’t take long, with me anyway, normally about 45mins to an hour; than I make my breakfast, nothing special normally toast or cerial. We watch TV whilst going through all our clothes and trying them on and putting them away, theres normally a fair amount of clothes there! By this time its 10:30 and we play with/use the things we’ve opened!
At this time a few years before we went to my Grandma and Grandads and it was all the family there, but we don’t do that often now. Mum and dad normally start on dinner/lunch at this time, (we’re not that traditional and have a roast, we normally have a buffet) this year were going to a Indian restaurant as its a bit of a change; were going with a family friend or two of ours. At this point it’s nearly 2pm were still chilling and doing what we do, yaknow! We eat our dinner and I always get so full i cant eat anymore and can bearly move, afterwards we still do what we do, family things! And then I normally fall asleep watching #TeamInternet’s final vlogmas day.
Thanks for reading
I took a few pictures the day which I no longer have now
–Archie x