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Sorry I haven’t been posting much as of late and I was thinking of putting an excuse but to be honest I can’t be brothered to lie right now!
As some of you know this is my uprising of the blogging community, so, i thought I’d say right here a little few things about be:

How old are you? 13
Why did you make a blog? I was bored so I thought I would make one!
Do you like school? Yes; its quite nice to be able to be ‘free’ for a while at least!
Can you post more? Yes; I’m thinking this could be a really good hobby for me and a nice thing to do!

At school lately, I’ve been really enjoying all of my subjects I now get to start my GCSEs, this is a big for everyone in the UK and is where they get their grades to get into Collage (Higher-end High school for you Americans!) I picked for this year; ICT, this is a great subject for me as I love all technology as from my other post(s) you may have gathered especially from my post about tablets and phones in school! #SelfPromo!

Some of my hobbies at the moment are photography, some images here:

Also, helping people on, my personal Minecraft server of choises’ forums, CosmicPVP, which, all I do is say to people where to go if they need something give them Links and Advice in stragical situations like raiding and stopping getting raided! Another of my hobbies is listening to music, at the moment I’ve got a thing with One Direction, why are all there songs, lately, so good, the same as Justin Bieber; they’re both great! Don’t even get me started on Zoe (Zoella’s) new Christmas playlist on Spotify; her blog post about it and other things is here!! So here’s a few things about me! Hope you liked it! Here it if you think your friends would like this! 
better head off now, 
Archie x